Whitsun Festival – IT`S ALL ABOUT...
Sex in context of vitality, healing & society

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June 07 – 12, 2019


… A community experience …


"Sex-positive is an inner attitude.
It brings sex from a taboo zone & a culture of hiding and blaming
into a joyful, non-judgemental and
welcoming culture."

 LuciAna Braendle 


Unfortunately there will be no official interpreting into English at this Whitsun Festival. If you do not speak German, you are welcome to attend the larger events and participate in a group if you organise an interpreter yourself.


Part 2 – Sex in context of vitality, healing & society

Sex. Where are we today on this? Are we still weighed down with old baggage that we need a fresh look at? Is there an ‘inherent’, ‘natural’ or ‘primal’ condition we can re-gain, beyond the clichés and stereotypes we see every day in the media? Or is sex always a cultural construct? And if there is something totally new, what could it look like?

One of the characteristics of our era is the breaking out of and rebelling against old conditions and standards. Values can also be questioned. Patriarchy, religion and capitalism continue to shape our world but, at the same time, new movements are breaking through.

1.5 years after #MeToo and 51 years after the sexual revolution, we want to look very carefully and benevolently, to examine what sex is and can be and what it takes to experience it healingly, full of pleasure and as life force. How can we understand sex in its wholeness, in all its dimensions - spiritual, biological, social, personal and political? What social role does this vital force play and what does it do when it unfolds in a culture of trust?

At Whitsun we want to open up a discourse space in which we invite several perspectives on sex and bring them into dialogue with each other. What does the issue look like from the point of view of bodywork or of spirituality? What is special about sex when it is embedded in community? What inspiration and impulses are coming out of the non-binary movement and the fluidity of gender it represents? What can we learn from each other?

We will tap into the debate taking place in society on this issue and set out together to define the term ‘sex’ and fill it with (new?!) meaning.

Lectures, performances, morning attunements, music, dance and parties will be open to all participants together.
Smaller, intensive groups in the afternoons will then offer a variety of paths to deepen and integrate our experiences.
You can expect: inspiration & experiments, trust & play, encounters, profound & enjoyable moments! 


Simon Schramm, Eva Weigand with team & the ZEGG community, plus:

This Whitsun Festival is being created in cooperation with invited speakers and further co-creators - we will let you know soon.


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